2017 North West Regional Championships

The band were absolutely delighted with our performance at the Regional Contest at Blackpool. Sadly, it wasn’t to be reflected in the final results (15 out of 17) but we thoroughly enjoyed the day and are so proud of how hard all our members have worked in the run up.
Congratulations to all bands who took part on the day and to the contest organisers – a record 81 bands took part in our region and we’re proud to be one of them!
Whilst we’re enjoying a short break from testpieces to focus on our upcoming concert programmes, we’re keen to get back out there and hope to be participating at other local contests in 2017 including Buxton, Whit Friday and Rochdale.

Old Photos!

Photo courtesy of Barrie Harnett.

In no particular order: Bob Dixon, Sue Goodare, Mark Drabble, Russell Turner, Mike and Amanda Greaves, John Ludlow, Norman Brookes, Mike Topping, Trevor Cooke, Malcolm (surname??), Nikki Moss.

This was a Stockport Silver Band job and Reddish Prize helped enormously.

Debdale park on St George’s Day weekend, the wind got beneath that canopy so the band played one handed,the other hand trying to prevent the bandstand becoming a danger to civil aviation!!

Funding – CDL Fund

We are delighted to announce our application for the CDL fund through Forever Manchester was successful.
The money will be spent on additional performance jackets for the band members.
We’re looking forward to getting them and showing them off at future concerts and contests throughout the year.
A big Thank You to CDL and to Forever Manchester for their kind generosity.

Funding – Mary Mather Fund

Stockport Silver Band had a lovely surprise in December when we received £100 from the “Mary Mather Fund” through the NWABBA.
This will enable the band to buy some more mutes for the cornet section!
A big thank you  to the late Marty Mather and the NWABBA.

Mr & Mrs Drabble

A huge congratulations to our principal Euph, Mark Drabble, and our principal Bari, Sarah Boyd, who got married yesterday. It was an honour for us to play for you both. What a wonderful day!




Whit Friday Results


Getting ready to march at Stalybridge Labour Club

Tameside have finally released their results for Whit Friday!
We’re really pleased to have come the 2nd highest 4th section band at both Broadoak (where we also came 2nd highest local band) and Carrbrook!
We were the 5th highest 4th section band overall out of 12 qualifying 4th section bands and came 32nd overall out of 41 qualifying bands in Tameside! All in all a very good night!
A big thank you to David Hodgkinson for taking us on the night!

2016 North West Regional Championships

It was the first time we’d contested in 25 years and approximately a third of the band members had never contested before.

We had a lovely relaxed day, drawn 7th so no need to rush and not too much waiting about. We were all very nervous on stage but played our best.

When the results for the 4th section came in, we were really pleased as we came 12th!!!! We think this is a fantastic result and we’re looking forward to improving as we continue to contest over the coming years. We’re now looking forward to playing at the Buxton Contest in May.