Whit Friday

Stockport Silver Band recently took part in the Whit Friday Brass Band Contests, completing eight out of the eleven venues in Tameside. All the band members worked extremely hard leading up to the event, which certainly paid off at the Droylsdon Contest where, as well as getting the award for first band on, we won the prize for the best 4th section band.

A massive well done to everyone in the band. The night was a huge success which was enjoyed by everybody. Lots of hard work went into the organisation of the evening, so, a big thank you everybody who helped out, in particular to Tim, Sarah, Terry, Alice, Heather, Mark and Kat for her knowledge of Whit Friday! Also a big thank you to Ian Corbridge, Adam Corbridge, Ben Corbridge, Tony Dixon and Chris Schofield for helping us out on the night.